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 Woodcarvings by Maura

 About the Artist:  Maura  is a native New York City artist and  traditional American woodcarver, specializing in custom designs and carvings.  She currently resides in Staten Island, a suburb of New York City.

Why Woodcarving? Of all the things I could possibly do? It is a question I've been asked quite often. The best answer I have is passion. 


I have always loved the feel and smell of wood.   


        I found my passion for wood at the feet of my grandfather as a small child. In his little shed in upstate New York, we whittled, sawed, made things and burnt wood in the little potbelly stove he had. I learned many things in those special times, including my love of wood, its' smell, its' feel, its' beauty.   Drawing and painting came naturally to me as a child and I dabbled in other short lived artistic endeavors as well but I put it all aside to go work in the real world.  An injury sidelined me at age 40, boredom was looming on the horizon , and my love of wood and art came together as an accident in my small basement workshop.  From that moment on, there has been no looking back. I became a self taught  obsessed woodcarver.  The incredible support and praise of friends and family and other carvers I have met has so encouraged me along my journey and  I am constantly striving to create the best works I can. To date, I have studied under Chris Howard of Gatlinburg Tenn., Mike Bloomquist of Schenectady NY, George Chau of New York City and Charles Post of Staten Island.  I am currently a member of  the National Association of Woodcarvers,  the Staten Island Woodcarvers, the Woodcarvers of Queens, Woodcarvers list, Knotholes list, and the Wood Carvers Porch. I am the New York field editor for Woodworking for Women, and have had an article published in Chip Chats magazine. I have won two best of shows and many first and second place finishes. My works are in private collections both in the United States and internationally.


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