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 Woodcarvings by Maura


This is dedicated to all those who have felt true passion and have had the courage to pursue their own dreams, whatever they may be.

My thanks and love to Mary, without who's support, this project never would have gotten off the ground; to Kevin who's very presence pushed me to find meaning in my own life: and to my mom who's early passing made me appreciate the life I have.





So, You really want to be a woodcarver?

The State of Woodcarving in America Today






Chapter 1 A Brief History of Woodcarving

Chapter 2 The Baby Steps

Chapter 3 A word to the novice

Chapter 4 Planning for the future

Chapter 5  I call myself a woodcarver

Chapter 6 The state of woodcarving today

Chapter 7 Women and woodcarving

Chapter 8  Getting Out There

Chapter 9 Art vs. Craft

Chapter 10  Selling your carvings

Chapter 11 The wonderful world of the workshop

Chapter 12 A Word on Tools, Knives and Sharpening By Michael Komick

Chapter 13 Important things I have learned

Chapter 14  Gallery of Stories

Chapter 15 Conclusions




2006 Carvin' in NYC

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